Food Blog Traffic & Income: July 2016

Alright, we are midway through August and I am just now posting my July results – yikes! Stuff happens. Managing 2 major projects, this food blog and OverHead Pro isn’t easy but I’m making it work! 🙂 

In June I received 2860 unique visitors without working on the blog at all – I was too focused on the OverHead but now I am trying to be better at balancing both. 

I started to get back into the blog in July, but not at full-force. I published 2 blog posts and two videos. The videos are the cause for the small spikes in traffic. The days I shared the videos on FB I got over 200 visits that day on the blog. 

For Facebook, I received 207 new organic likes, of which 179 were on the days that I shared the FB recipe videos. 

I’m going to keep doing videos. 🙂 Stay tuned for next month! 

Food Blog Traffic & Income: July 2016
Food Blog Traffic & Income: July 2016 |

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