What is Yummly (and why you should use it!)

What is Yummly

Since taking the plunge and working on my blog full-time since October 2015, I have been serious about increasing my traffic. That is when I discovered Yummly. 🙂 

I like to think of Yummly as a “smarter” Pinterest specifically for food. That is, like Pinterest, you can “Yum” (like “Pin”) all your favourite recipes you find on the web and organize them into specific categories (or “collections” as Yummly calls them). It’s “smarter” than Pinterest because once you Create an Account, you can set your Taste Preferences to your unique allergy requirements. 

Honestly, I was only interested in using Yummly to increase traffic to my blog and wasn’t really concerned about using it for myself (that’s what I used Pinterest for) but after “Yumming” recipes a few recipes that I found, I can firmly say I am a believer. 

What is Yummly? Yummly For Foodies 

Yummly is awesome. It is awesome, in my opinion, for 2 main reasons. Number one is that it is incredibly beautiful to look at. I love the layout! I have all of my recipes organized by my desired categories nicely laid out evenly. I love Pinterest (which food blogger doesn’t?!) but my only issue is that it isn’t incredibly easy to navigate. I use my boards on Pinterest (and now my collections on Yummly) to quickly check out recipes on food blogger sites and then navigate back to Pinterest. Since Pinterest doesn’t evenly lay out it’s Pins, I don’t find it incredibly easy to keep track of which Pin I’m on in Pinterest. Yummly, on the other hand, is beautifully laid out, making it’s navigation super user-friendly. 

See my Pinterest Board

What is Yummly
What is Yummly | happygut.ca

Compared to my Yummly Collection

What is Yummly
What is Yummly | happygut.ca

Reason number two of why Yummly is awesome is because of it’s smart taste preferences feature. Because I have dietary restrictions myself (vegan & gluten-free) and often cook for friends and family with further restrictions (nut free, paleo, etc.) this feature is incredibly useful!

What is Yummly
What is Yummly |happygut.ca

I am now able to quickly search for dishes based on the dietary restrictions I am cooking with! 

Once you sign up, you can add the Yum extension to “Yum” any recipes you come across on the web. When you “Yum” a recipe it automatically gets saved in your recipe box like so:

What is Yummly
What is Yummly | happygut.ca

After your recipe is saved to your Recipe Box, you can log into Yummly and organize all your recipe into collections as you like! 

What is Yummly? Yummly For Food Bloggers 

Now if you are a Food Blogger, this is the good stuff. I am happy to announce that since using Yummly, I have been getting traffic from Yummly! Woohoo! How did I do this? Two way. First I “Yummed” my own recipes and categorized them into my recipe collections accordingly. This way, Yummly knows I exisit!  

Second, I added the Yum button to my blog. This way I make it super easy for my readers to add my recipes to their recipe box directly from my site. 

To add the Yum button to your blog you can add it directly, via the Yummly recipe plugin, or via social sharing plugins like AddToAny, Shareaholic, or Simple Share buttons.

There’s also an opportunity to get featured on Yummly. Check out this post for more info. 

Check out my Yummly Publisher Page to see all that I Yum across the web. Also, if you like any of my recipes on my site, please Yum them and spread the love. 🙂 Let me know if you too are a food blogger, and I’d be happy to Yum your yummy recipes as well!

Questions about Yummly? Let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them! 🙂 

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