Happygut in London!

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Although, I must admit that I am incredibly envious of the British accent (omigodness, me and my sister-in-law Jemila had WAY too much fun trying to speak with the accent while we were there, they should never allow us into their country again), London is NOT my favourite place on earth. It’s grey and rainy and cold. The English also tend to be, as my friend Darjan (who lived in London for 15 years) so eloquently noted, “emotionally constipated”. Now, this is probably an unfair stereotype and I apologize to all the Brits out there who are emotionally regular (get it?! like regular bowels? bahahahaha!) but we all have live with stereotypes. Some are true (e.g. Canadians love to say “I’m sorry”), some not so true (we pronounce about “aboot”, I have never heard anyone say “aboot” ever, in my whole life).

As usual, I’m getting off track. Back to London and happygut food. So, I wasn’t SUPER excited to be in London but the city quickly redeemed itself whenever I discovered this little gem the first day we arrived!

Luscious Organic is a quaint cafe with superb service!

The food was excellent! I had a delicious coconut lentil soup for dinner the day we arrived and muesli with fresh ginger tea for breakfast the next day.

They even had a selection of gluten-free vegan cupcakes!

Do check out Luscious Organic if you are ever in London!

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