Happygut in Chisinau!

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I’m not going to lie, I had pretty low expectations of Chisinau in terms of food. The thought of getting happygut eats seemed almost impossible. It was for this reason that I was nothing less than stunned when we discovered Caravan, an Uzbek restaurant a 10 minute walk from our hotel!

First of all, the ambiance was just fabulous!

And, although there weren’t TOO many options on the menu, the restaurant was willing to personalize dishes for us!

I had a salad (of course!) to start, followed by salmon and rice for the main course.

There were very few veggie options for Irfan and so the chef made Japanese soup just for him. Who would have ever thought you could get Japanese soup at an Uzbek restaurant in Moldova? The world is small my friends…..

He also ordered a side of delicious roasted vegetables

We actually went to Caravan twice during out 4 day stay in Chisinau! I ordered the trout the second time which was just succulent! If you ever find yourself in Chisinau my friends, make sure to check out this place for a happygut eat 🙂

Although, not totally happgut related, I also need to point out just how awesome our hotel stay was. We stayed at the charming Art Rustic, a quaint hotel with family friendly B&B feel. The staff was excellent with the best customer service we experienced the whole trip! Breakfast was included in the price (which was only 65 Euros per night!) and when I mentioned my dietary restrictions, they custom made me oatmeal with fruits and granola and brought it to my room! It was amazing! Thank you Art Rustic, you made made our stay incredibly pleasant 🙂

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