Happygut in Amsterdam!

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After London, Irfan went to Amsterdam while I went straight to Malta. He raved so much about this Terra Zen Vegan Cafe that I decided it was a must-blog.

He loved the down-to-earth-homey-family feel. The owner’s toddler son was running around with a water gun while his 10-year-old daughter helped with taking orders.

Irfan had the vegan burger plate with avocado on the side and ginger tea.

When the dessert that Irfan wanted from the menu was no longer available, the owner said he did have another cake in the back that wasn’t on the menu. “What kind of cake,” Irfan asked. “A cake made with the best flours, filled with nuts seeds and banana. I call it the Survivor Cake,” the owner answered. “Why is it a survivor cake?” asked Irfan. The owner smiled and stated, “It’s for me, because I’m surviving.” Irfan loved the cake. It even came with the “special sauce” made from heating chocolate soy milk with cane sugar.

The owner is loved dearly by his customers. One of the customers came up to Irfan’s table and said that he has been in Amsterdam for 30 years and has been waiting for neighbours like these and had found a family here. He says he comes there every day for a meal! Bravo Terra Zen Cafe, you take “family restaurant” to a whole new level 😉

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