Happy guts need water!

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We all know that water is important. This is the truth. It is really very important. Please drink water.

Your system needs at least eight 8-ounce glasses each day. When you get up in the morning, drink two 12-ounce glasses of water to hydrate your body and try to drink half  of your water intake by mid-morning. If you don’t like the taste of water or think it’s boring, add some lemon or stevia.

You should also drink water alone, NOT with meals at it dilutes your digestive enzymes. Drink no closer than 10-15 minutes before meals and then wait about an hour or longer after meals. Drink water at room or body temperature as cold water is a shock to your gut.

You CAN have tea/soups with your meals as they are considered foods and aid in digestion. Even though they contain liquid, they are not as hydrating as water and should not be counted as one of your eight glasses of water each day.

For more information see “The Body Ecology Diet” by Donna Gates

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