Dancing Vegan Tempeh Sandwich

Vegan Tempeh Sandwich

This is just not a vegan tempeh sandwich, friends. This is the “dancing vegan sandwich” as my friend Paul describes. Why dancing you ask? Well, let me paint you a picture. Our friends Paul and Kajal came over yesterday for dinner. You see, Paul is a meat eater. The tempeh is vegan.

I’m always curious about how meat eaters respond to vegan meals. Well, Paul fit that description perfectly, and so I wanted to investigate his reaction. Usually when people take a bite out of something I make, especially when they come over for dinner, they say, “Mmmm, this is so good!” This is the polite thing to do 🙂

I watched closely as Paul took the first bit of his sandwich.

As predicted, he said, “Mmmm, this is so good!” But, that remark didn’t really tell me anything. How I knew that he genuinely liked the sandwich was because he got seconds. And not only did he get seconds, but he danced his way to seconds. And then my friends, the dancing vegan tempeh sandwich was born 🙂

Check Paul out:


Ingredients for Dancing Vegan Tempeh Sandwich

Directions for Dancing Vegan Tempeh Sandwich

It was probably unnecessary to have a title on directions, as I assume if you are on a recipe blog you know how to make a sandwich. But always best not to assume. As my teacher in grade 10 used to say, assuming makes an “arse” of you and me 🙂

And so the directions:

  • Place all of the ingredients between 2 pieces of bread and enjoy 🙂



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