Bulk Barn is cool!

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I like Bulk Barn. It’s a fabulous place for those people who are gluten free and not afraid of experimenting in the kitchen. Such a range of grains and flowers – the possibilities are endless!

It’s also most often a cheaper alternative to buying packaged gluten free flours from Wholefoods or other organic grocery stores. It is for this reason that I buy most of my grains, flours, nuts, seeds, and beans from Bulk Barn.

I recently read an article on the dangers of genetically modified (GMO) foods and although I almost eat nothing processed and base my diet on whole foods, I wondered if the products I was buying from Bulk Barn were GMO. Some of their products do in fact indicate that they are NOT GMO but the bulk (tehehehe, BULK) of them don’t say anything. I contacted them and asked them if they could give me a list of their products that are GMO, if any. They said that this would be too cumbersome as they had tons of suppliers all over the world. I then asked them if I could send them a list of specific products to look into – products that I usually buy from there. They agreed and have gotten back to me on some of the items I inquired about.

Here is a list of products that are NOT genetically modified from Bulk Barn:

Potato starch
Tapioca flour
Arrowroot flour
Dark buckwheat flour
Brown rice flour
Soya beans
Black turtle beans
Adzuki beans
Rolled oats large flakes
Oat bran cereal
Sultana raisins
Large prunes pits removed
Pinto beans
Black-eyed cow peas
Ground flax seed
Dark brown sugar
Hulled sesame seeds raw
Oat flour
123-dry roasted salted cashew pieces (be careful with the cashews, see below)
125-dry roasted unsalted cashew pieces (be careful with the cashews, see below)

Here is a list of products they are still looking into:

Goji berries
Grade A wild rice
Cocoa powder ruddy red
Cocoa powder
Kasha whole toasted buckwheat
Amaranth non-packaged

Here is a list of products that ARE GMO:

111-cashew pieces roasted & salted
112-jumbo cashews roasted & salted
113-cashews roasted & salted
114-unsalted cashews
115-unsaled cashew pieces

I will keep you all updated with regard to my list. I recommend that you too contact Bulk Barn with your own list – knowledge is power, people!

Happy Bulk Barn shopping šŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks for putting this list together. I should inquire of other items that I occasionally eat. I am wondering because I’m considering making my own bread IF i can find flour that isn’t GM. If you have any updates, I hope you post them šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for your comment Arindana! I have just updated the list. I am still waiting to hear back a handful of items but so far the ONLY thing that is GMO are certain cashews which is pretty good considering my list has been quite extensive! Yes, you should definitely inquire with regard to items you usually eat, and I would love to hear feedback from your list as well šŸ™‚ I actually am heading to Bulk Barn after I sent this post….hehe…

  2. Thank you so much for this list. I have been trying hard over the last year to lead a healthy lifestyle. Now I have started to watch out for GMO products.

  3. I want to say a huge THANK YOU, foor looking into this and posting the list!
    It is hard enough to eat healthy whole foods while avoiding allergens and GMOs!! I was concerned about the GMO status of bulk barn products.
    Your list covers most of the items I get at bulk barn. Please keep us updated about the other items they are looking into.
    I am concerned about their sorghum flour. If you happen to know anything about that please add to your list. I have heard that it is a largely GMO crop in the US, I may inquire about it myself.

    Thanks again!

    1. You are most welcome Ashley – I’m glad that you find it useful!

      I will most definitely keep you posted if I hear anything – please let me know know as well šŸ™‚

  4. This is rather late but just a small note to say a big “thank you” for this useful post. I love Bulk Barn – they’re one of the only ones that carry certain things (like matcha!), and because we can get whatever small amounts we need, so thanks to the store I’ve been able to experiment with all kinds of cooking/baking that I didn’t want to buy large packages for.

    Anyway this post has given two big takeaways: additional respect for BB for responding sincerely, but also that most cashews are GMO(!!). Will work at finding cashew alternatives for vegan baking now. Thanks again!

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